BDR-10Black Dawn is proud to release its newest line of rifles chambers in .308, .243, .260 and 6.5. The BDR-10 line comes standard with many features that most would have to pay extra for or add themselves. With the end user in mind we wanted you to have the opportunity to purchase a rifle that […]

Black Dawn Industries’ Ladder Rail Covers protect unused rail areas from damage and keep non-shooting hands from the sharp, raspy feel of rail on hands. Made from a rubbery material, the Ladder Rail Covers offer a low profile and a more comfortable grip. They are easy to cut and customize to most rail systems. Each […]

Missouri-based firearms and accessories manufacturer Black Dawn Industries has released itsMulti-Mount Rail system, new for 2014. The Rails — which are CNC machined from 6601 aluminum forgings — are one piece free float forend with Black Dawn’s patented barrel nut adapter system. The rails come in 3 different length and model numbers: MMR-M (Midlength), MMR-R (Riflelength) and […]

The Black Dawn Bravo is a 5.56mm carbine with all the accessories an operator could want — it’s combat-ready right out of the box. Shown with an Elcan Specter 1-4x optic, Insight Technology ATPIAL and VBL II weapon light.   The attack on the city of Mumbai, India, was a wake-up call for law enforcement […]

It’s often hard to review a quality piece of equipment, especially when it is simple and serves a single purpose. Flowery language and ind-depth descriptions simply clutter up the page and detract from the simple, straightforward message of: This Thing Works. It works when hot, when cold, when lubricated, when unlubricated. It works when clean and when […]

Black Dawn did a lot of research before developing its new 3-gun-ready BDR-556-3GLW. While attending and sponsoring several matches, workers at Black Dawn often heard several questions at each event. Can you offer a lightweight rifle without having reliability issues? Can you offer a rifle for 3-gun that has quality parts and is less than $1,500? RELATED STORY: Black Dawn Industries […]

Black Dawn 308 Rifle Runs like a Metronome!   After I fired my second shot I looked through my spotting scope and muttered to myself “Damn, there’s no way I could have missed that target?” After firing three more rounds we walked up to check the target and found one of the bullet holes had […]

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