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Black Dawn Training Academy

We offer training courses designed for students of every skill level. Courses cover marksmanship, tactics, safety, law, and CCW certification hours, covering different weapon systems. Additionally, we also provide courses to other rangemasters and technicians covering maintenance and care of new model lines.

Advanced Armorer Course

This course covers all M16/AR16 type carbine weapon systems made and their variants. Armorers will be certified in the proper maintenance, care, and repair of these weapon systems, including semi-auto and select-fire trigger systems.

Concealed Carry Course

This class is a firearms safety training course. It satisfies the Missouri statutory requirements for the training required as part of the application process for obtaining a Missouri concealed carry permit (CCW).

Handgun Fundamentals

Basic course designed to teach new or inexperienced shooters the basic skills to safely and competently handle and shoot a modern handgun. It also serves as a very good refresher course for those shooters who handgun skills may have become a little “rusty” with the passage of time.

Precision Rifle Course

This course is 30 hours in length which includes classroom instruction and daylight practical exercises. This course is considered basic in nature and geared toward the entry level precision marksman, with little or no formal training.

Academy Contact

Have questions about individual or group courses?

1511 N Ohio Ave, Sedalia, MO 65301

(660) 851-0907 Central Office
(660) 851-0207 Fax

sales@blackdawnguns.com info@blackdawnguns.com

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The Training Academy

The Black Dawn Training Academy delivers professional instruction that emphasizes safety, handling, care, marksmanship, tactics, and continuing education.

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